Four Idaho men vie for Congress seat

Rep. Steve Symms (R) of Idaho is challenging incumbent Democrat Frank Church for a Senate seat. So two Republicans and two Democrats are seeking Mr. Symms' seat in Idaho's May 27 primary.

On the Republican side, former Idaho attorney Wayne Kidwell is pitted against State Sen. Larry E. Craig.

Mr. Kidwell favors a balanced federal budget and supports state control of water and land -- what is called in the West "the sagebrush rebellion."

Mr. Craig worked for passage of a bill to allow the Idaho Housing Agency to sell bonds to finance low-income housing. He also supported a bill to increase interest rate ceilings on home mortgages.

Glenn Nichols and Terry McKay square off on the Democratic ticket.

Mr. Nichols was director of the Idaho Department of Employment. This is his first run for elected office.

He favors a constitutional amendment for a balanced budget. He opposes wage-price controls, sees conservation and alternative sources solving the energy problem.

Mr. McKay says nuclear energy should be last on the list of energy priorities. He wants to require the development of solar power and end, by 1990 , oil imports, converting to alcohol-operated engines. He also wants to abolish food stamps, diverting that money to programs for the ages and disabled.

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