After hearing a lecture on the art of Greece, I passed displays of artifacts, small figures, Golden masks. I stopped, seeing a round bowl of lavender, Lavender, daughter to purple, red for life, Blue for the intellect. On the shelf below I saw A pillow of stone, covered with grey enamel. Across the top the design, in lavender said, "Sleep" In Chinese characters. I wondered what heads had worn Smooth the top, what dreams surrounded it In days past that slipped along time's chain Like jewels. Was "Sleep" a title or a command? Sleep has many myths, many customs. Here the body Must learn discipline, keeping its position So that the pillow might keep its promise. Even dreams perhaps should be constrained., Gossamer fences yielding a little, Shutting away turbulence and its power, Offering a journey to peace, a silver river Winding between trees in flower.

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