Students seize Libyan embassies

Libyan students seized their nation's embassies in several capitals Monday, proclaiming them "people's bureaus" in support of the Libyan leader, Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi.

Groups of students took over Libyan embassies in Switzerland, Austria, Turkey , East Germany, and Czechoslovakia in support of a proclamation by Colonal Qaddafi allowing Libyans to participate in the administration of governmental institutions as well as Libya's embassies abroad.

In Vienna some 50 Libyan students took over their country's embassy, apparently with the consent of the ambassador. The students draped the embassy railings with flags and notices proclaiming it to be the "Libyan People's Bureau of the socialist Libyan Arab people."

In Prague, Libyan students stormed the embassy, apparently without hindrance from the Czech police, and said they were forming a "people's bureau," but refused to comment further on the action.

Similar takeovers occurred in Turkey, Switzerland, and East Germany last month.

Meanwhile, four Libyan officials arrived in Rome Monday on their way home after being expelled from the United States. The Carter administration accused the four Libyans of intimidating Libyan students who had been critical of Colonel Qaddafi's government. At first the Libyans refused to comply with the expulsion order and remained inside the Washington mission.

Libyan government officials have threatened Libyan dissidents living abroad with "elimination" unless they returned home by June 10.

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