Zimbabwe police pursue guerrillas gangs

Several hundred renegade guerrillas are still at large in western Zimbabwe nearly a month after the country gained independence from Britain. Police said small groups of guerrillas loyal to Home Affairs Minister Joshua Nkomo, wartime ally of Prime Minister Robert Mugabe, were being rounded up in the Tjolotjo and Lupane areas in the west, but several hundred remained at large, preventing the reopening of schools and other services. In the north, at a cease-fire assembly camp near the Mana Pools game reserve, some 7,000 of Mr. Nkomo's men are encamped as attempts continue to create a new Zimbabwe Army from the forces that fought the seven-year guerrilla war.

Meanwhile, at the Wankie coal fields in western Zimbabwe, thousands of miners continued a 10-day- old wildcat strike Sunday in support of demands for more pay. The lowest- paid miners presently receive $2.80 for an eight-hour shift.

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