Getting at grout grease

To the real estate editor: I have been reading with interest your readers' comments on cleaning grout. At the architect's suggestion, we have used glazed quarry tile in the kitchen , entry hall, and family room. No one told us to use a silicone sealer on the grout. As a result, the grout in the kitchen has many grease spots: spattering from the range and assorted food spills.

I use a toothbrush and tried everything that anyone suggested: Liquid bleach, Amway's L.O.C. cleaner, Spic & Span, etc. I then decided to use a 1-to-5 mixture of muriatic acid and water. Nothing removed the grease and stain.

I finally gave up, washed the grout as well as I could, and used two coats of sealer applied with a 1-inch foam paintbrush. It is very easy to apply. You do have to be careful not to get the acid on the glazed tile.

Urge your readers to use a sealer on the new grout after it is dry.

I am interested in knowing whether anyone knows of a way to remove grease and food stains. The grout is a natural gray and the tiles are blue.

This is not a mildew problem. The basic problem is in the kitchen with spills. Majorie Boardman Ludington,MI

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