Carter eulogy for rescue victims

President Carter was to deliver the funeral eulogy at Arlington National Cemetery today (May 9) for the eight US servicemen who fell in the attempted hostage rescue in Iran April 24-25, Monitor correspondent John Cooley reports.

A Defense Department spokesman, Thomas B. Ross, refused comment on reports that another rescue mission was being planned. He recalled that Defense Secretary Harold Brown had refused to rule out any future options.

In the Indian Ocean, meanwhile, 1,800 US marines finished shore leave at Mombasa, Kenya, Thursday and reboarded their amphibious ships serving with the US naval force in the Arabian Sea area.

Off the US East Coast, a major Atlantic Fleet exercise called Solid Shield 80 began Thursday with Air Force and Marine air units joining the Navy operations. Landing exercises earlier scheduled at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, were canceled because five US Navy ships were diverted to Florida waters to watch over the Cuban refugee exodus to Florida.

Five hundred marines took up security duties at receiving points for the refugees at Key West, Fla., reinforcing Florida National Guardsmen trying to keep order in the crowded refugee camps.

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