W. German antimilitarists in violent clash with police

West Germany's first violent clash in years between antimilitarist demonstrators and police in Bremen resulted Tuesday in more than 250 injuries to riot police; 40 injuries to demonstrators; and 8 arrests, Monitor correspondent Elizabeth Pond reports. Thousands of demonstrators fought police with paving stones, iron bars, and Molotov cocktail outside a football stadium where 1,100 Army recruits took their oath of allegiance to mark West Germany's 25th year of membership of the NATO alliance Police finally routed the demonstration with water cannons, but did not use guns.

President Karl Carstens had to be flown out of the stadium by helicopter after giving a welcoming speech to the recruits. Demonstrators fired signal flares and fireword rockets at the helicopters.

Police reports attributed the violence to a hard core of Communists but it was not clear which ones might be involved.

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