Several ways to install insulation

I have been pondering the insulation of a 10-inc pipe which goes from my kitchen ceiling fan to a roof vent in hopes of warming up my kitchen a little. What do you recommend? The appliance wall of my kitchen is cinder block, forming one wall of our attached garage, and the space above the insulated kitchen ceiling is open to the garage. If you think that other methods than, or in addition to, insulating the fan piping would warm up the kitchen, I would be glad to know about them. It is a hard room to heat because it has only a crawl space below it, which is open to the cellar. Mrs. Robert M Sherman Warwick, R. I.

I'm not quite sure i understand how wrapping the exhaust fan in insulation is going to warm up the kitchen. I've checked with an insulation expert and he says he can't see any good reason to play around with the pipe at all.

Why don't you attach insulation board, such as Dow chemical Company's Styrofoam-brand product, or its equal, to the cinder-block wall between the attached garage and the kitchen? Also you can use insulation board on an outside wall, but the you would first have to remove the siding, add the insulation, and then replace the siding.

If you put insulation board inside the kitchen, it would reduce the size of the kitchen slightly and cause somewhat of a mess or a while. Either job will run into money.

Perhaps the easiest way is to have an insulation material blown into the wall cavities. But first, deal only with a highly reputable company that uses a good product and stands fully behind its work.

Check out its references with the local bank, Better Business Bureau, a local office of the Federal Trade Commission, such as in profidence; the state consumer protection agency; and past customers. Ask for references and then check them out.

You can use cellulose or ureaformaldehyde foam, although both products have come under severe attack. Thus, be sure you know what you're doing before you sign a contract for work to be done.

Massachusetts has become the first state in the nation to ban the use of UF foam in residential insulation, but the industry may appeal the decision.

I should think youu could add insulation above the ceiling. have you talked with a highly competent, well-recommended insulation contractor? Have you thought of adding fiber-glass batts to the underside of the floor?

You could use a carpet on the floor, I should think, so as to warm up the room.

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