FOOTBALL; More on Billy Sims

O. J. Simpson was always quick to give his blockers much of the credit for his rushing exploits, a lesson not lost on Billy Sims. The 1978 Heisman Trophy winner has just been made the first pick in pro football's college draft, and already he's contemplating ways to reward Detroit's linemen.

His agent, Jerry Argovitz, calls Billy's idea the "Sims Clause." Basically, the concept is to have a substantial amount of the halfback's extra-performance bonus money paid to the linemen and blocking backs opening the holes, with the coaches determining a fair breakdown. The sum to be divided "could run upwards of $50,000," Argovitz told Sports Illustrated.

Such a clause might do more than provide incentive for his teammates; it could also influence the way the other Lions and the public feel about him. With Argovitz trying to negotiate a $3 million contract for Sims, it doesn't hurt to look a little Philanthropic.

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