Removing mildew

To the real estate editor: In response to R.E. Chadwick's request for help in removing mildew under his house, I suggest he run drainage pipes in the soil under the crawl space as well as install one or two fans in the space to remove the humidity. The drain pipes should have holes on the top.

Are the bottoms of the walls open so dampness can get into the stud areas? Run fans to dry out the stud areas and then cap the bottom to keep the dampness out.

Try to keep rainwater from getting under the house. Dig a trench around the house, if you have to. Mr. Chadwick may have clay and the water doesn't run down but around it. Defeat the clay by making the water run off and away from the house.

Are other people in his area having the same problem? If so, get together and lick the problem with proper drainage.

Also, clean shower walls and cracks in tile floors with a grout cleaner. Put it down with a little water, leave for five minutes, and rub with the cracks -- one way, then the other. :Ella May Frazer :Charlestown, N.H.

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