Fixing concrete floor that has disintegrated

Q. Because of the heavy rains of the past year or two, the concrete floors in my house have disintegrated and the bedroom carpets [have been] ruined. Moisture seeped up through the apparently solid slabs. To repair the damage, one floor was completely covered with new concrete, sealed with a water sealer, and varnished. I did not put down a new carpet. I'm not wondering how I should repair the other floor. Is there a liquid that could be poured over the crumbly concrete to fill it? Or must I repour a new floor? Edith Metcalfe de Plata Cardiff, Calif.

A. We asked for comments to this question from Sealwall Products Inc., 36300 Lakeland boulevard, Eastlake, Ohio 44094, and the owner responded as follows:

"In order to enjoy carpeting again, I reccommend she remove all loose material. Apply three heavy coats of Sealwall Neutral and Acrylic Modifier for Cement. Cover this with a sheet of plastic or our Seal Glaze. Then install the carpeting.

"Sealwall will not hold up under foot traffic, but in this case it will make the concrete floor water-resistant. The acrylic will bind it, and the plastic or Seal Glaze will keep it from dusting through the carpeting The carpeting will protect the Sealwall from wear incurred by foot traffic."

What caused the concrete to fail? It could be improper placement or finishing, too wet a mix at the time of pouring inadequate curing, incursion of water from capillary attraction, etc.

If the dwelling is still within its original guarantee period, you might seek redress from the builder if his workmanship is in question. This could be a legal matter.

Meanwhile, check with your insurance agent for possible coverage under your homeowner's policy.

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