Lightning rods still serve a purpose

Q Lightning is common in this area and has caused a number of house fires. Do you know of any effective method of lightning protection? Buildings had lightning rods in former years but these do not seem to be in use now. Mrs. Altarie B. Steward Brevard, N.C.

A Lightning rods are still in use and then some. These are metallic rods set up on buildings and connected with a "ground" in moist earth or water to diminish the chances of destructive effect by lightning.

One manufacturer is the West Dodd Lightning Conductor Corporation, Goshen, Ind. 46526. Check the Yellow Pages under "lightning rods" for local distributors or manufacturers.

One of our favorite in-laws, who faithfully reads this column, bought a house in Morris, Conn. They were pleased to see lightning rods atop their gable, but were jolted when they found the rods had no ground connections and thus were spoofs.They immediately grounded the rods.

So far lightning has not struck there, not even the first time, except when daughter Suzy Mink was the lead runner carrying the Olympic torch out of Virginia toward Lake Placid last February.

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