Take time to explore Europe

Some students don't really want to study when they go abroad, nor do they want their overseas travel to be connected with a school project. They want to "explore" Europe, hoping to be where European students are as they play and explore.

One such program is sponsored through Europa House at the University of Illinois (802 West Oregon, Urbana, Il 61801) and includes "54 happy days" in London, Paris, Monte Carlo, Florence, Pompeii, Prague, etc., ending in Amsterdam.

Swimming on the French Riviera, a fondue dinner in Switzerland, riding donkeys on a Greek island, sailing in Copenhagen's harbor, and a waltz evening in Vienna are just some of the tantalizing offers.

Those who go on these thours (this is the program's 21st year) are college students, and they are led by postgraduate students from the University of Vienna.

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