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At Edward R. Murrow High School, Brooklyn, N.Y., with a communications theme at its core, some 25 courses are offered in the communications field. Among them: "Write On"; "Satire"; "Courtroom Drama"; "Arguing Issues"; "News Production"; "Writing Clinic"; "Novel Into Film"; and "Theater Production."

French, Hebrew, Italian, and Spanish are offered for four years.

"Constitutional Law," "Labor Economics," "American Diplomatic History," and "Survival Economics" come under the social studies department while the science department offers courses with such enticing names as: "Life Goes On"; "Plant Parenthood"; "Green Survival I"; "Space Life"; and "Homeostasis."

The industrial arts department, besides offering car care, drafting, and electronics, includes color photography, engraving, moviemaking, TV skills, and TV production.

Letter grades, too, are novel for the New York City School System: E equals excellent; G equals good; S equals satisfactory; and N equals no credit.

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