Latex paint for heater

To the real estate editor: In a recent column, Mary M. O'Malveny of Walnut Creek, Calif., asks what kind of paint to use on a gas heater. I had this problem a year ago when I painted my living room and wanted the gas wall heater to blend in.

On the recommendation of the manufacture I used the same flat latex interior paint on the gas heater that I used on the walls and ceiling. I also used the same paint on metalcylinder, wall-mounting fixtures. After a year's use the paint has neither darkened nor cracked.

I would suggest that she simply experiment with a flat latex paint. I paid $ 2.95 a quart and used maybe half that amount. The worst part of the job my heater was painting the hundreds of little openings with a small brush. Hopefully, Mrs. O'Malvenyhs heater has more flat surfaces. Lucille Barclay Santa Cruz, Calif.

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