Eypt-Israel sticking points

These are the major issues remaining in the Palestinian autonomy negotiations between Israel and Egypt: * The degree of autonomy for the Palestinians. Egypt favors a governing council with broad executive, legislative, and judicial powers. Israel wants to grant only limited municipal authority to the Palestinians.

* Participation of Arab residents of former Jordanian sector of Jerusalem. Egypt says these 100,000 Arabs should have the right to vote for the governing council and that the council should be based in Jerusalem. Israel argues that Jerusalem is indivisible and not within the jurisdiction of the autonomy talks.

* Israel's continued establishment of new Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank. Egypt says this discourages Palestinians and Jordanians from joining the talks, which it considers essential.It wants a freeze on new settlements for a five-year transitional period leading to Palestinian home rule. Israel contends it agreed to stop new settlements only for a few months after the Camp David summit conference and has a Biblical and legal right to continue.

* Security concerns. Egypt claims Israel often cites such concerns but has not clarified exactly what they are. It feels this is a pretext to avoid discussion of basic issues. Israel believes guerrilla attacks on its territory and Arab disorders in the West Bank are sufficient ground for security concerns.

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