Solving transport problems

If we don't get around as much as we feel we need to, we may blame car prices , maintenance charges, fuel producers, world economic recession. But adequate, economical transport, like all human concord, is only really ensured by exchanging misfiring human beliefs for efficient spritual truths. When we know that mobility basically is spiritually derived and not material, we bring our transport under God's law of serenely ordered activity.

The Bible says of God, "His understanding is infinite." n1 Only limitless Mind can have infinite understanding. So in our true selfhood as children of that Mind, we must be divine ideas expressing His free and boundless activity.

n1 Psalms 147:5.

Christian Science helps us understand the mental nature of existence. ACtivity is essentially within consciousness rather than within matter. As we shake lose limiting material concepts, we advance onward, upward to new spiritual achievements. Because man reflects ever-active divine Love, the Mind of all beauty and satisfaction, he is blessed with ever fresh aspects of God's goodness. In this blissful progress there are no holdups. As Mary Baker Eddy n 2 puts it, "Mind is the source of all movement, and there is no inertia to retard or check its perpetual and harmonious action." n3

n2 Mrs. Eddy is the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science.

n3 Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,m p. 263;

If I see myself as no more than a material person using a vehicle, I'm putting the brake on my God-given potential for free and harmonious movement. But if, reaching out prayerfully for the truth, I glimpse something of my real identity as the divine idea reflecting spiritual power for all good work, then I'm opening the human situation to God's unrestricted action. This truer view of man and movement as spiritual marshals human thoughts called material transport into earthly symbols of divine order instead of disorder.

Such harmonizing of movement can be brought about only by spiritual conviction. This may involve praying persistently -- not for better transport but simply to know the truth that frees. We're all capable of grasping -- at first, perhaps, tentatively, but then firmly -- the fact of our limitless liberty as ideas. It is this inner freedom, when recognized as our eternal inheritance, that brings satisfying adequacy of transport in place of impediment or other problems.

With this happier outlook comes the obligation to purify our motives. Getting close to God means wanting what He wills -- the good of all. Such a purpose lets in divine power, guidance, and protection. We may usefully recall that the dominant purpose of Christ Jesus' life -- to love God and man and to "bear witness unto the truth" n4 -- gave him his superb dominion over matter. His understanding took him safety wherever he needed to go. It even enabled him to walk over the waves of the Lake of Galilee to his disciples.

n4 John 18:37.

We too, by the different means appropriate to these days, can go to those we love, travel freely to those needing our help. Money, cars, ships, aircraft -- these are all modes of human though. If we believe they rule us, then we give them dictatorship over our movements. But when we know that we live and move in Mind, where love is the universal law ensuring freedom, then human thinking -- manifested as matter -- comes under the control of God, is compelled to serve his will.

Better transport is intimately linked with limitless freedom to do good. We have unlimited mobility as we daily trust God to fulfil in us the works of love to which He calls us. DAILY BIBLE VERSE In him we . . . move. Acts 17:28

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