The roof goes round, and the roof's shadow, too, while round and round the motley horses stand circling just as they enter from that land which stays a while before it sinks from view. Many are hitched to carts, single or spanned, but all have brave expressions on their faces. Along with them a fierce red lion paces, and every so often a white elephant. Here comes a stag such as you're apt to meet in the woods. This one's saddled, however, and bearing a girl in blue buckled astride the seat. And guiding the lion, look, a boy in white is holding on with his hot little hand, while lion's teeth and tongue are clearly showing. And every so often a white elephant. And riding the fine steeds that now are nearing, come bright young girls who maybe are outgrowing this lively horsemanship; for though they're going forward they turn in all directions, staring And every so often a white elephant. And so it goes, quite swiftly, toward an ending, and turns and circles in its aimless way. A little profile, barely started, wending by and beyond: a red, a green, a gray. And frequently a blissful smile attending the circuit: a dazzle, an illusion spending its blessing on this blind and breathless play.

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