Battery-driven sump pump?

Q. Do you have any suggestions on a battery-driven sump pump which would automatically turn on if the electric current went off? My basement would flood in an hour if the pump failed. What could make the pump turn on in my absence should the power go off? Helen Cherry Birmingham, Mich.

A. Information from a sump-pump manufacturer is the best source concerning your specific pump questions. He could tell you what appurtenances are available so as to make your pump perform both when you are away and if the electric power should fail. Ask for addresses at a builders' supply outlet.

A battery-operated sump pump? I've never heard of one, but it may very well exist.

The typical means of enabling the pump to carry on in the event of a power failure is a standby generator with a control that automatically turns on the generator.

A solenoid switch will automatically kick on the pump when the water rises to a given level. Such an apparatus on your present pump would turn it on so long as the power is on.

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