REpainting shower to get at rust

Q. My newly rented apartment has a painted metal shower enclosure which is rusting in the corners. How should I prepare the surface before repainting it? What will prevent a recurrence of the rust? A reader Boston

A. First, prepare the metal shower enclosure for repainting by scraping, sanding, and wire-brushing it so as to remove any loose rust.Then apply a rust-preservative primer as suggested by a local reputable paint dealer.

Most paints are not meant to resist the abuse they get on the inside of a shower enclosure. Thus, no matter what you do, repainting will not fast forever. You should be prepared for regular repainting to keep the shower enclosure in tiptop shape.

You might consider this: If the shower enclosure is badly rusted, ask the apartment landlord or manager if it might be replaced -- at his expense.

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