Why struck New Yorkers smile

When they're miserable, thenm they're happy. The old line doesn't apply only to New Yorkers, but they seemed to be exemplifying it on at least the first day of the public transit strike that left commuters in the lurch. They didn't stay in the lurch very long. We would have loved to see the 25,000 bicyclists from the suburbs who were hailed by Mayor Koch, not to mention the people trying roller skates or rediscovering the pleasures of walking -- for instance, across the Brooklyn Bridge.

New York's own Times noted some surliness under the headline "Skies Sunny, Just Like Dispositions." But it went on to report that the day "reinforced a semitruth that tends to make New Yorkers feel better about themselves -- that no matter what the adversity, they can handle it with aplomb." What did we tell you? When they're miserable, then they're happy.

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