Butcher block care

Most everyone has a counter, table or cutting board made of butcher block these days. But not everyone realizes there are special ways to make the board last longer and stay in good condition.

Good for chopping and slicing, a butcher block takes a lot of abuse but with a litte care will give good service.

The best way to clean any wood is to first scrape off all food residue with a knife blade or a scraper and then to proceed as follows.

Once a month, wash the board with soap and warm water. Do not immerse in water. If a board is badly stained it can be sponged with ordinary household bleach. Dry after washing. Sprinkle with salt and rub with a freshly cut lemon. Wipe clean.

With your hands, rub mineral oil into the wood. Only use as much as the wood will absorb. Clean with a dry cloth.

With this monthly ritual you will have not only a more attractive piece of equipment but also one that is functional and long lasting.

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