The Radio Set

Mark, who was 12, owned a radio set that his grandfather had given him. One day as he was playing with it, tuning to different stations and CB channels, he suddenly heard his own voice coming over the radio. "I sure am glad my grandfather got this radio set for me."

Mark was shocked!

Mark pointed the radio at his mother.

"Washing dishes, washing clothes, ironing clothes, making dinner," sighed the radio in his mother's voice, "I wonder if I'll ever get it all done."

Mark ran outside and pointed the radio set at his father, who was sitting in the shade of a tree. "What a beautiful day!" exclaimed the radio set in his father's voice.

Mark went downtown.

He entered a restaurant and pointed the radio set at a waitress.

"For so many customers, I sure ain't gettin' very many tips," said the radio snippily in the waitress' voice.

Mark pointed the radio set at a man in a gray suit who was sitting in a booth by himself.

"I'm gonna bust into the Chicago Bank at midnight tonight when nobody's around to stop me. Tomorrow I'll clear out of town. I'll be on Easy Street the rest of my life!" rasped the machine in the man's voice.

Mark ran to the police station and told his story to the police chief, who was rather skeptical.

"Let me see that gadget of yours," he said, taking the radio and pointing it at himself."

"Stupid kids, I wish they would stop bugging me day and night with their idiotic gags!" yelled the radio set in the chief's voice.

"Hey"! Was that me?!" screamed the radio set and the police chief simultaneously.

The police chief said okay, he would station some men inside the bank.

"But I'm warning you, you'd better not be wrong about this!"

It was midnight. The police chief was nervous. He was afraid Mark had just been playing a trick on him.

There was a shattering of glass, and a figure appeared inside the bank. The chief's men seized the figure. The police chief recited his rights and then took him away to be tried.

Mark got a four-hundred-dollar reward and an honorable mention from the mayor.

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