Blocking air flow in window tracks

Q. All windows in my house slide on tracks and during storms a lot of cold air blows into the house around them. Stuffing paper in the cracks does little good. What do you suggest? James Young Trenton, Mich.

A. Sliding-glass windows, whether made of wood or metal, usually are capable of being weatherstripped.

Find out the name of the manufacturer of the window units and install some type of weatherstripping that is made by that company. If the windows are relatively modern, this should be easy. But if the windows are job-assembled or are very old, you may have more of a problem. Even so, you may even then be able to apply some appropriate weatherstripping and thus reduce or eliminate entirely the draft.

Check with a weatherstripping company, a building supply firm, or a window vendor in your area. Ask for some advice on weatherstripping material and how to install it.

Have you thought of installing storm windows? Installed inside or out, storm windows are very practical and effective in keeping the cold wind out of the house.

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