Questionable Question?

Here are a few of the census questions which some Americans may find objectionable: No. 19. Does this person have a physical, mental, or other health condition which has lasted for 6 or more months and which . . .

a. Limits the kind or amount of work this person can do at a job?

b. Prevents this person from working at a job?

c. Limits or prevents this person from using public transportation?

No. 20. If this person is a female --

How many babies has she ever had, not counting stillbirths?

Do not count her stepchildre or children she has adopted.

No. 21. If this person has ever been married --

a. Has this person been married more than once?

No. 26 a. Has this person been looking for work during the last 4 weeks?

b. Could this person have taken a job last week?

o No, already has a job

o No, temporarily ill

o No, other reasons (in school, etc.)

o Yes, could have take a job

No. 32. Income in 1979 --

Fill circles and print dollar amounts.

f. Supplemental Security (SSI), Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), or other public assistance or public welfare payments . . .

g. Unemployment compensation, veterans' payments, pensions, alimony or child support, or any other sources of income received regularly . . .

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