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I am interested in purchasing gem quality diamonds as an investment. Can you recommend books to read? I have some information from the International Diamond Corporation. Do you have any information about this firm? F.T.

The International Diamond Corporation (30 N. San Pedro Road, San Rafael, Calif. 94903) publishes a number of authoritative and informative brochures on the various grades of diamonds. DeBeers Consolidated Mines Ltd., the primary world supplier of diamonds, publishes a number of informative booklets. Write for a list to Diamond Information Center, N.W. Ayer & Son Inc., 1345 Avenue of the Americas, New York, N.Y. 10019.

Another source with a sound reputation is Investment Rarities, 1 Appletree Square, Minneapolis Minn. 55420. Don't forget your local library. The more you read and understand the market, the better prepared you will be to invest with prudence. However, unless you are fully trained to grade and recognize quality in diamonds, you will have to trust the person who sells gemstones.

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