Use care before sandblasting

Q. On our cedar siding we have several layers of latex and oil paint which constantly peel. Next spring we intend to sandblast the shingles and are considering staining them in the hope that this will solve the peeling problem. What suggestions do you have? Mary E. Dyson Longmeadow, Mass

A. Before you begin, consult a licensed sandblasting contractor. Sometimes where there is a heavy buildup of paint in certain areas and bare wood in others , inept sandblasting can chew up the surface and do a less than adequate job.

Assuming all the paint can be uniformly removed down to the bare wood, you might do one of two things:

* Apply a solid-body latex stain, which is preferable to oil-base stain for color retention, less chalking, and film integrity.

* Use a semitransparent oil-base stain, which allows the wood grain to show through. In this case, use an oil-base stain rather than an acrylic version.

For additional information peculiar to your own situation, contact a well-respected local paint store for more specifics.

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