PhD degree non-cost-effective?

Job opportunities in engineering and business, with big salaries and early recognition, are luring potential faculty and doctoral candidates away from many campuses, according to Michigan State University deans.

"If the trend continues," said Lawrence W. VonTersch, MSU dean of engineering , "we may have still more difficulty finding new faculty with appropriate degrees. The competition from business and industry is very heavy and has increased with the new emphasis in Washington on energy and military buildups and expenditures."

"A lot of bachelor candidates are going to find it is not cost-effective to go on to graduate school," he said.

At a recent meeting of MSU administrators, John Cantlon, vice-president for research and graduate studies, said, "A student sees it is more attractive to work for a company at $25,000 with a master's or less, than to go on and earn a PhD.

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