Lugar calls for US to toughen stance on Iran

Sen. Richard Lugar Wednesday called for tough US action to end the deadlock over American hostages held in Tehran, Iran, saying Iranian diplomats here should be interned and consideration given to mining Iran's ports. The Indiana Republican also said trade with Iran should be cut off, and Iranian assets already frozen in this country should be used to compensate the hostages and their families.

He added that it was in the interest of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini to keep the hostages "because they are the glue factor that holds his regime together and consolidates his authority."

In Reston, Va., Bonnie Graves, whose husband, John, is one of the Tehran hostages, broke ranks with other families recently and called for the United States to take "conciliatory action" to get the hostages back. But she said Wednesday she'll have no more to say on the subject. "I've made my point; I'm not talking any more."

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