Pointers for public speaking

Each Toastmaster project has specific objectives to help the speaker become polished. Here are a few of the goals that Toastmasters strive for: * Convince the audience of your earnestness, sincerity, and conviction on a subject you understand. Do through research.

* Confront and control any nervousness.

* Organize your thoughts into a logical sequence. Build a speech outline that includes an opening, body, and conclusion.

* Learn the value of gestures and body movement as part of a speech.

* Explore the use of voice volume, pitch, rate, and quality as assets to your speaking.

* Understand your audience and present your message in their own terms.

* Be able to explain abstract concepts by concrete examples and definitions.

* Learn to deliver a speech without notes.

* Avoid common mistakes in word use. Be aware of proper vocabulary and grammar.

* Understand the value of proper articulation and pronunciation.

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