Reroofing with wood shingles

Q. Can you give me information about wood shakes and wood shingles for roofing a new house? What companies in the South produce fireproof wood roofing units? Jewelene E. Jones Atlanta

A. Wood shakes and wood shingles are available for roofing in just about every city in the country.

Shakes are hand-split, while shingles are sawed -- and their architectural effects vary accordingly. The style of the architecture may influence one's choice between rough-looking shakes and the more precison-appearing shingles.

Fireproofing of wood roofing units may be a misnomer, since anything will burn if it gets hot enough. Fire resistance may be a better term.

Roofing contractors can supply such fire- resistant wood shakes and shingles, if the local building code permits their use. This fire-resistant treatment is provided by the manufacturer at the mill under carefully controlled conditions.

For information on wood roofing units, including fire-resistance treatment, write to the Red Cedar Shingle and Handsplit Shake Bureau, 515 116th Avenue, NE, Suite 275, Bellevue, WA 98004.

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