You can insolate a low-roof attic

We have an extremely low crawl space in our attic and have been told that because of this we cannot insulate the area. Isn't there some kind of insulation we can use? Joy K. Robinson Los Angeles

But, of course. Attics with insufficient room to install batt insulation can be insulated by the blown-in method. Most insulation contractors offer both batt and blown-in insulation, sometimes in more than one material.

Obtain two or three bids from reputable insulation contractors. Ask not only for an installed price but also the insulating value of the material. In your climatic area a material with an insulation value of R-19 is minimum. In a colder climate, the R factor is higher. It all depends on the extremity of the climate.

Insulation is one of the best investments there is in the building industry. It assures immediate and substantial return on the investment.

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