Baker is resting easy after bowing from race

Sen. Howard H. Baker Jr. says he feels much better now that he's out of the running for the Republican presidential nomination. And Ronald Reagan has been hinting that John Connally's candidacy may be another casualty in the GOP race after South Carolina Republicans vote Saturday.

Senator Baker left the race on grounds that his campaign started late, was not organized properly, and never did as well at the polls as had been expected. "It is pretty clear that the campaign isn't going anywhere," he told reporters as he announced his withdrawal.

Besides Messrs. Reagan and Connally, Republican contenders still in the running are George Bush of Texas and Rep. John B. Anderson of Illinois, plus Sen. Robert Dole of Kansas and Rep. Philip M. Crane of Illinois. But Senator Dole is no longer actively campaigning, and Representative Crane's candidacy is not expected to last much longer.

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