Extra retirement income

I am a retired postal worker, and my expenses keep going up but my income is almost fixed. I would like to earn a little extra money by stuffing envelopes, as advertised by mail. What do you think of these offers? H. H.

A few "work at home" schemes may be ligitimate, but most are a ruse to collect a few bucks from vulnerable handicapped or retired persons like yourself. Generally, avoid work-by-mail schemes.

Instead, ask temporary work agencies, such as Manpower, Western Girl, and others listed in the Yellow Pages about part-time work. These agencies may have casual work that can be done at home or in a manufacturing plant on a daily or weekly basis.

Also, ask the center for senior citizens in your community for possible leads to part-time work. Work at home is particularly hard to find. If you can get out to a work location, you have more choices. The demand for part-time work at home fosters the cruel schemes that bilk elderly persons of their already tight dollars.

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