Nation laced with walking trails

The national pastime in Luxembourg is walking. The grand duchy is laced with hiking trails. In a country that is only 51 miles long and 35 wide, there are 3 ,000 miles of trails.

While some Luxembourgers account for the trails by pointing to the populace's "love of nature," still others says that walking is a necessity, since the food is so good.

The country prides itself on having two variations on the walk: the drive and walk and the popular march walk. For the drive and walk, there are parking areas set off the road so walkers can ride to the hiking trail. A planned trail , marked as to the length of time it should take to walk it, is followed; it curves back to the same parking lot. The popular march is a mass event, often organized by a walking club. Although there is no formal competition, medals are handed out at the end to finishers. One nonmarcher says some regular participants have hundreds of the ribbons and medals decorating their homes. Facts on: Luxembourg

Territorial dimensions:

length: 82 kilometers; width: 57 km (51 by 35 miles).

Population: 357,600 (1978);

Luxembourgers: 269,200; aliens: 88,400.

Languages: French (primary); also German and English.

Largest cities: Luxembourg City, 76,500; Esch-alzette, 26,200.

Gross national product: $4.4 billion (1979).

Per capita income: $10,410 (1978).

Currency: Luxembourg franc. (28 francs equals $1).

Chief exports: steel, tires, chemicals.

Imports: machinery, iron ore, automobiles.

Type of government: parliamentary.

Ruling party: Christian Social.

Inflation rate: 5.5 Percent.

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