UN panel gets Iran OK to visit hostages

Iran's ruling Revolutionary Council has voted unanimously to allow the United Nations commission in Tehran to visit the US Embassy hostages, the commission announced Monday. No time was set for the long-awaited visit, but the five-man UN panel, which is hearing Iran's grievances against the deposed Shah, would remain in close touch with Iranian Foreign Minister Sadeq Ghotbzadeh to arrange the visit.

Meanwhile, a Foreign Ministry official declined comment Monday on a request by Iran's prosecutor general that Mr. Ghotbzadeh hand over the US diplomat Victor Tomseth to the revolutionary justice authorities for questioning about the shadowy Forghan political assassination group. The prosecutor wants Mr. Tomseth to explain a purported document, which was photocopied and released by the militants, about Forghan. Mr. Tomseth has been held in protective custody at the Foreign Ministry with two colleagues since the students occupied the embassy on Nov. 4.

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