Raven, the rain

Raven, the rain is arrested, halted in heaven. Earth's re-arising, flood re-descending, sinking a seas and sea-bottoms. Raven, return! Already the ark is arrested, safeguarded -- a seed in God's hand -- on mountains in Ararat. Storm is subsiding about us. Raven, enough of wandering wide over waters which bear up our vessel no longer, our pairs in their multitude, two of each kind as commanded. Raven, the dove in the evening alights with a leaf, proof of the promise of rescue, of billows abating, goodness of ground re-appearing. Raven, reverse! The torrents are tired, your mission is ended. Windows of heaven are stopped, months of immersion forgiven, fountains recalled to the deep. Raven, your mate emerges on pinions uplifted. Meet her in Ararat! Nest in the arc of the rainbow: cawing, acclaiming the covenant!

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