The Fun of the Olden Days (As Told to ME by My Aunt)

"As I headed for school one day with my lunch wrapped in newspaper, I thought about my apple pie and biscuit that I was to eat at my lunch hour, at school. "Now biscuit to me was a big bore, and so I traded lunches with a child whose family was poorer than mine. They had just plain white bread.

"Well! my older sister told my mother what I was doing, and that was the end of my white bread.

"That afternoon Mama had her weekly wash day. After she finished, my older sister, and of course me, too, along with my younger sister, would get in the three wash tubs. There was the soaking tub, the rinsing tub, and the bluing tub. We'd splash around and have a really good time.

"A few years later, when my older sister had grown up, she had a club. The J. U. T. Club.Every once in a while they would have a pary where all the girls would invite their boyfriends. When one of the girls wasn't there and there were more boys than girls, I got to join the party. I thought I was really big!

"A lot of things like this happened between about 1916 and 1923. Those were really the 'good old days."

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