Lifting limitations from women

The curing of female psychological and physical troubles is being given much thought. Many limitations on women in careers and athletics are being removed as it is seen that these restrictions have not been based on innate intellectual or physical inferiority, but more on tradition and miseducation.

The source of real liberation for women -- and for men -- is a deeper understanding of God's nature as the universal Father-Mother. "Have we not all one father?" n1 asks the prophet. And Isaiah depicts God as saying, "As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you." n2 God's creation is male and female, expressing God's infinite love and power.

n1 Malachi 2:10

n2 Isaiah 66:13

The story of Eve in the Bible presents a corrupt concept of womanhood.It maintains: (1) that woman is created materially; (2) that she knows both good and evil; (3) that she in turn creates others materially, as good and evil personalities. These mistakes about the nature of true womanhood have helped keep women from achieving their full potential. Only education in the facts of true creation will remove limitations permanently.

God is Mind, infinite intelligence. This supremely good Mind cannot know evil, nor can His offspring. The true woman of God is purely good, incorruptible. Commenting on Adam's accusation of Eve as his corrupter, Mary Baker Eddy n3 writes, "Here there is an attempt to trace all human errors directly or indirectly to God, or good, as if He were the creator of evil." n4 Many problems that bother women -- and men -- today stem from an ignorance of God as the only creator, and an ignorance of creation as the reflection of goodness.

n3 Mrs. Eddy is the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science

n4 Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,m p. 533.

The power of God to reveal Himself as the origin of all existence is the ever-present Christ. The Christ can heal the discomfort and injuries sometimes associated with childbirth. Birth-related difficulties result from a mistaken belief that creation is material. Spiritually understood, birth hints at a new appearing of God's infinite nature, divine Love, so it can have only the effects of Love -- health, joy, harmony.

God's child, reflecting the nobility of an infinite heritage, can have only the nature and substance of infinite Spirit. Spiritual substance is always pure and whole, safe from infection or breakdown. God's outpouring love for His man and woman is eternal, not cyclical, and the understanding that He regulates harmoniously all conditions relating to His children denies the necessity for pain in normal bodily functions.

Emotional illnesses associated with women are healed on the same basis -- that divine Mind is the only creator and supreme governor of man. Emotional excess, overdependence on others, the desire to manipulate or to be dominated, have no foundation in the divine Ego, or Mind, which true womanhood expresses. If these errors have resulted in such problems as overeating, sexual perversion, or child abuse, they can be overcome by learning to know God as infinitely loving, the unfailing source of good.This Love is the unchanging Principle governing our lives, causing health, and fulfillment for all.

The lies of weakness and disorder attached to women can be replaced with the truth of God's immortal creation. He ensures that His offspring are always strong and pure.

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