There is a Land

As you engage upon a favored work that is designed to fill a need for you, give it more than casual care, and mark it with your love; bring zeal and passion to your binding efforts and resist the great distractions. Time is not as limitless as it seems, and the people will not wait out your dissimulations; you must press on without pause. If you seek only praise or the call to your name, it is as well then to be moderate, but if your days burn like a fever and there is a spell as of madness on you, think of the great compulsive few: Renoir with rigid hand strapped to his brushes, Milton whose 'one light' was dark in Paradise. There is a land opposite to us where all the great are; he who has come to know it may find there one day his own and added name, a star lit among stars set in its burning air.

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