God's government and the draft

Whether or not the draft in the United States is reinstated, one fact is certain, and deserves close attention: Every man and woman who might be affected is already permanently enlisted as an active citizen of God's universe, developing eternally under the care of all-powerfull divine Life.

If we discern this fact in its great spiritual significance, through deep prayer, even the resumption of a draft need not threaten our peace; we can preserve a primary focus on our enlistment under God. He exert absolute authority over man, protecting and developing life. God is the source of all true government, and He establishes progressive, just law for man that can't be sidelined, amended, or vetoed.

No matter what actions current or future administrations take, each of us can rely on God's intelligence and love for man to reveal areas where we will contribute substantially to mankind. The useful machinery of government can be guided by the same divine Principle as is man and the universe. When we delve into Principle, seeking pure glimpses of its unfaultable nature, we understand how it guides and controls and see the results in our lives and government.

The demand, of course, is not only to establish ourselves in God -- or realize that we are already established there -- but also to know that God's government is, in fact, the only one capable of guiding mankind rightly. Therefore, to the extent that human governments embody God's government, His wisdom, integrity, love, they contribute to human progress. As we realize our necessary place in the divine universe, allowing the fresh revelation of Truth and Love to sweep into consciousness and broaden our awareness of all mankind, those responsible for making government policy, as well as those who are affected by various decisions, will feel the impulse of divine wisdom.

In order to understand Principle's government, we need to discern deeply the great goodness of God. A life lived with God as its source cannot take a detrimental turn. Man moves entirely within Principle, all-intelligent Mind now; he is directed by Mind. By relating to Mind, we are effectively employed, giving and getting service of the most essential kind. The work we do is God's work, and it can't be interrupted or minimized. The supreme example for purposeful living is defined by Christ Jesus: "To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth." n1

n1 John 18:37.

The government of God demands that man conform to its policy of perfect expression. God's creations are permanently active in His service. "The perfect man -- governed by God, his perfect Principle -- is sinless and eternal, " n2 is the way Mary Baker Eddy n3 describes aman's reality.

n2 Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,m p. 304

n3 Mrs. Eddy is the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science.

As we see these facts -- that is, as they fill our thoughts so thoroughly that we don't take a step without their coming to mind -- a measure of spiritual transformation occurs. We realize that man has never been under the jurisdiction of any but the one divine Spirit and Soul, the sober Principle of being. The knowledge of our eternal endurance in Principle will carry us onto more and more sturdy ground. Then, if a draft is deemed necessary, we'll be prepared to serve where our talents can best express the quality of thought we are developing. We'll know the direction of our life is preserved and defended by Principle, man's only government. And if a draft proves unnecessary, we'll be that much farther ahead in gaining dominion over our lives.

Let's not wait for personal or international necessity to drive us to pray. If we pray now, and break through the confusion of the moment ot eternal consciousness of man's true government, we'll have done mankind -- and ourselves -- an incalculable service.

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