Cost of living arrangement

I am anxious to know if I am paying enough for room and board, plus car transportation one or two days a week. I occupy two rooms and eat three meals per day for all seven days, and utilities are included. I pay slightly over $ 300 per month -- a constant with no "letdowns." I am an older, retire woman and expect to leave the person I am living with a tidy, though not fabulous, sum. Do you consider the monthly payment fair? H. R.

Considering data published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics as a rough guide, your current costs for food, housing, and transportation would appear to be above the expenditure for an intermediate budget. At $3,600 per year, or thereabouts, your spending compares with an average of $3,257 for retirees on a moderate Budget. This figure is roughly updated for the fall of 1979 and includes housing, transportation, and food.

Without more information, I would say that if appears that your payment is reasonable, but it's not exactly a bargain, either. The quality of your meals and the furnishings of your space would affect a subjective opinion of your setup. However, in your area (100 miles from New York) you may have difficulty finding comparable accommodations for any less.

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