Patching concrete that has popped

Q. What can be done about a concrete patio that has small holes where the concrete has popped out? How successful, in terms of both durability and appearance, is patching with vinyl/concrete sold by the Okun Company? Can the entire surface be recoated with a thin layer of the vinyl/concrete? One contractor has suggested outdoor carpeting as an inexpensive solution. What is your opinion of this idea as an alternative? Esther Nelson Macomb, Illinois

A. The Okun Company, Inc., West Haverstraw, New York, tells us that its vinyl/steel concrete would suit your needs quite nicely. The entire surface of the patio could indeed be durably resurfaced with the same material.

Vinyl/steel concrete is a mating of chemical, metallurgical, and structural properties compounded by specialists in "the chemistry

It is reinforced with steel, which contributes to the strength, adhesion, and stability of the product.

V/SC has proved itself, Okun says, in press and plating rooms, loading docks, flight decks, rolling and textile mills, and wherever surfaces take a lot of hard use. It is available in many colors and can be feathered down to one-sixteenth of an inch. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's directions.

Another product to fill the popouts is called Compat and is made by Hartline Products Company, Inc., Cleveland.

Outdoor carpeting is an alternative, depending on the usage and exposure of the patio. Investigate the comparative costs between hard resurfacing of the patio and outdoor carpeting. Then let a combination o economics, practically, and aesthetic dictate your choice.

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