Terry tableware

Terry cloth is so practical and easy to care for it's no wonder its uses are multiplying both for wearing apparel and home decorating. Kitchen curtains, bathroom curtains, and shower curtains are among its possibilities for use. Terry cloth towels can also be used for table mats and napkins. Look for 20- to 22-inch hand towels for the place mats, and use the guest towel size for napkins. Fringed towels are more decorative than those that are simply machine hemmed. Patterns and bright colors will add interest to a table setting. Mix patterned designs with plain colors, or try using different colors for mat and napkin for contrast.

Terry towels are laundry-proof. Spills won't pose a problem, and the towels are simply smoothed out after drying. Terry cloth is thick enough to protect the tabletop from hot dishes too. You may also consider using a big beach towel size for a full tablecloth. With all their practicality, terry towels are attractive alternatives to plastics or paper.

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