L.A. offered as alternate Olympics site

In a telegram to Lord Killanin, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Los Angeles County Supervisor Kenneth Hann said Jan. 21 that his city could accommodate the 1980 Olympic Games if the committee decides to move the games from Moscow.

Supervisor Hann said in his telegram that, should the games be moved because of the Soviet military activity in Afghanistan, he urged that Montreal, Mexico City, and Tokyo -- all previous Olympic sites -- be considered as alternate locations. But he said that existing housing and sport facilities in Los Angeles also would be adequate to host the games.

Lord Killanin said recently that changing the site of the games is "both legally and technically impossible."

"I want to emphasize that if Moscow [is the site] it could be the beginning of the downfall of the modern Olympic Games," the telegram said. "Whatever inconveniences [that result from changing sites] are worth it to safeguard the future of the games."

Supervisor Hann made it clear that if Los Angeles is chosen to host an alternative 1980 Summer Olympics the event would not be a lavish affair.

Peter Ueberroth, president of the Los Angeles Olympics Organizing Committee, said Jan. 21 that only a "scaled down" version could be staged later this year, and that nothing will be considered unless the IOC abandons Moscow. That, he said, is not likely.

Mr. Ueberroth endorsed President Carter's proposal that United States participation in the Moscow games be scuttled unless Soviet troops are withdrawn from Afghanistan within one month.

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