Carter's new shopping list for Capitol Hill

President Carter's State of the Union speech included a "critical few" new legislative priorities: * Youth employment.

* General revenue sharing.

* Reduction of oil use by utilities.

* Nuclear waste management and reorganization of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

* Standby gasoline rationing plan.

* Initiatives to carry out his response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Other basic goals still on the agenda are:

* Ensuring US economic strength.

* Creating energy security for our nation.

* Enhancing basic human and social needs.

* Making government more efficient and effective.

* Protecting and enhancing rights and liberties.

* Preserving and developing natural resources.

* Building US military strength.

* Working to resolve international disputes through peaceful means.

* Striving to resolve pressing international economic problems.

* Continuing to support the building of democratic institutions and protecting human rights.

* Preventing the spread and further development of nuclear weapons.

In light of the world crisis, President Carter has asked Congress to increase defense spending by more than 5 percent to over $158 billion in fiscal 1981 and a "real increase in the defense spending level of more than 20 percent over the next five years."

The United States will begin production of cruise missiles next year and will modernize the B-52 bomber force. Deployment of Trident submarines and missiles is to continue, and the new land-based MX missile is to be developed.

The President said NATO would be reinforced through a "major modernization" of the Army's weapons and mobility, with more heavy equipment to be stationed in Europe against surprise attacks. The number of Air Force fighter wings will be increased by more than 10 percent. A "rapid-deployment force" is also being developed.

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