US journalists ordered from Iran

Iran's Revolutionary Council Monday night ordered that all US journalists must leave Iran but, according to informed sources, shelved a similar order against British and West German correspondents.

The official news agency, Pars, quoted Ali Akbar Moinfar, the Oil Minister and a council member, as saying on leaving Monday night's meeting: "All American journalists will be expelled from Iran very soon, because of publication of malicious news."

Informed sources said the motion before the council Monday night was for the immediate expulsion of all US, British, and West German journalists.It was understood the US journalists would have to leave the country within two days.

It was not clear from Mr. Moinfar's comments whether non-American journalists working for US news organizations fell under the expulsion order.

Mr. Moinfar said journalists from Britain and West Germany would receive a severe warning about their future coverage of events in Iran.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Sadegh Ghotbzadeh has vowed that Iran would wait "more or less forever" for the return of the Shah. Militants holding the hostages at the US Embassy in Tehran told an American reporter that they were "willing to hold out for the rest of their lives," if necessary, to win extradition of the Shah.

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