Avoid risk in China tie -- Brown

The new US relationship with China has to be built carefully, "step by step," without encouraging Chinese-Soviet hostility, US Defense Secretary Harold Brown told an ABC News "Issues and Answers" television panel in Tokyo Sunday, after a nine-day visit to China.

Secretary Brown said that a Chinese-Soviet war would be "a very, very dangerous matter, not only for both of them but also for us," Monitor correspondent John Cooley reports.

He said no Peking leader had renewed with him the old Chinese demand for evacuation of US Troops from South Korea. On the Communist North's latest bid for reunification talks with the South, Dr. Brown said the United States would like to see a "closer political accommodation, at least a dialogue," between the two and would join if asked, "but South Korea has to participate on an equal basis with North Korea."

The US is "considering very substantial assistance to Pakistan" as part of a consortium of Western democratic nations to help that Asian country deal with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, he said.

Mr. Brown said he had told the Chinese that if they wanted it, some of the the embargoed US grain, originally destined for the Soviet Union, could be made available to the Chinese.

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