Furniture riddle

When is a window not a window? That question may sound like a paraphrase of an old conundrum, but the answer is a novel decorating idea -- when it becomes a table. any window of manageable size, glass and all, new or salvaged, can be turned into a coffee or end table needing only four legs to complete the design.

In fact, a wood or metal window frame even without the glass makes a good start, because the panes of glass can always be replaced. Look for a casement window, a round window, or one of stained glass. Make certain that the frame is in good condition, then add the leg supports.

You might use 4-inch by 4-inch posts cut to the length you wish and fastened to the frame with a metal brace. Or buy readymade legs and then metal strips for mounting them to the frame from a lumber or hardware supplier.

If you finish both the frame and legs with aluminum paint, it can look like a glass and metal piece in a contemporary style. You could also refinish and stain for a more traditional piece. Or simply paint it the color of your choice.

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