Difference in trusts

What is the difference between a "short-term, Clifford trust" and a custodian account under "uniform gift to minors?" J.Z.

Under a short-term trust, also called a Clifford or reversionary trust, a person (trustor) transfers assets to a trust, usually with the beneficiary a child or a dependent adult. The beneficiary receives the income from the trust and pays whatever income tax may be due, if any, at his or her own rate rather than at the rate of the trustor.

At the end of a minimum 10-year term or death of the beneficiary, the assets revert too the original owner. A custodian account under the Uniform Gift to Minors Act represents an outright gift to a minor that is irrevocable. The custodian simply manages the account for the benefit of the minor. However, if a parent is the custodian and passes on before reaches majority, the amount of the gift may be included in the custodian's estate.

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